About Us

Founded in 2023, the East Asian Graphics Archive (EAGA) is an ever-growing collection of contemporary graphic design ephemera sourced from designers across East Asia and its diaspora. Inspired by other grassroots efforts to document localized visual trends, the EAGA aims to develop a centralized archive dedicated to celebrating and preserving the richness of East Asian visual cultures.

Using community-based archival methods, the EAGA aims to steward a broader appreciation and understanding of trailblazing graphic, typographical, and artistic practices from across East Asia.

The Team

Makisa Bronson — Co-Founder & Co-Curator
Melisa Seah — Co-Founder & Co-Curator
Jiwon Kim — Volunteer Curator & Korean-English Translator

Interested in partnering or collaborating with the EAGA? Drop us a line here.


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