8 Immortals’ Colours — Where’s Gut Studio (2020)

Designed by the dynamic team at Where’s Gut Studio, this booklet stuns with hot pink hues, rich type, and intricate line drawings.

Writes the team, “Amongst the myriad of Chinese folklore and mythology, an intricately embroidered depiction of ‘The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea’ is a popular one that adorns the doors of traditional Chinese households. It is said to welcome longevity, happiness, and prosperity into the home but lesser known is the old adage behind the tapestry that suggests more than bidding for good fortune and health—八仙過海,各顯神通—Eight Immortals cross the sea, each demonstrates unique prowess. Through this once popular folklore, 8 Immortals’ Colours wishes to highlight the value of individuality in the pursuit of our various goals for the new year.”

Digital, Print
Traditional Chinese, English
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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